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The app for practicing translation from your native language into foreign language which you learn using subtitles from movies and series.

Subtitles from movies or series on different languages are good for learning foreign language.

There are many useful everyday phrases and dialogues. If you have a pair of subtitles one for your native language and the other one for a language you learn you can have a great translation practice.

This app allows you to improve your foreign language skills by translating subtitles from your native language into a language you learn.

It's easy to find a lot of subtitles in the internet on different languages. The app supports .srt subtitles and .html files with embedded time stamps to listen to audiobooks with subtitles (see links in the Help menu of the app).

So when you see a phrase on your native language start to translate and type only letters. The app will fill fields, compare and show you if you made a mistake. You can ask for a hint for the next letter, word or the whole phrase. Shortcuts are available: ⌘+1 for the next letter, ⌘+2 - next word, ⌘+3 - complete the sentence.

You can attach an audio file with sound track from the movie and listen to a phrase which you're translating. See help page of the app to know how to extract audio file from a movie.

Sometimes subtitles are not synced. You can shift a time for subtitles to make them synced. Select the same phrase in the both tables and double click the Time column of the left side table to input proper time. The rest of subtitles will be synced automatically.

Sites with subtitles

English-Russian translations for many movies and series.

English audio books with texts in HTML format with embedded audio markup. Very good sync between audio and text. Useful to train dictation and improve listening skills.

One of the most popular subtitle sites where you can find many pairs of languages.

How to extract audio track using free utility FFmpeg

List of audio tracks:

ffmpeg -i videofile.avi

Extract selected audio track and save it into audio file:

ffmpeg -i videofile.avi -map 0:2 -c copy outputaudio.ac3

Here map 0:2 means that you want to extract the second audio track. Audio track will be copied from the video file and saved in the original audio format. Further convertion to mp3 is possible using a free player VLC.

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