Have you been looking for a tool to control some app that you just can't control with AppleScript or Automator?
Congratulations! You have just found total Repeater!

Repeater provides a much needed and very convenient platform for recording repetitive actions without having to learn and understand Automator or AppleScript, which are well beyond most user's abilities.
Moreover, not all apps can be scripted at all, but Repeater can help you anyway.
Furthermore, you can integrate Repeater with popular scripting languages to dramatically improve their possibilities.

Repeater is a tool specially designed for recording and playback user actions such as mouse movements and clicks, standard and hardware keystrokes, vertical and horizontal scrolling & zooming. It is also capable of storing information about currently running applications to launch them on playback.

Repeater's UI resembles a music player with standard record, rewind and playback buttons, familiar to the most users. It also includes events visual preview, which helps to navigate through the recordings.

See video about Repeater in action.

The utility is best suited for creation of live presentations or UI testing, and even just for fun.
Repeater has some advanced scripting features such as
  • automatically start playback
  • automatically start recording
  • loop mode
  • stealth mode
  • remote SSH-connection support
  • blocking playback interruptions
  • automatically quit after playback
  • events file decompiler and compiler

Advanced scripting features are controlled by setting command line arguments and environment variables.