Privacy Policy

Our Company respects your privacy, and we go to great lengths to protect your personal data.

Under no circumstances shall your registration information and communications be disclosed to third parties except in cases of violation of applicable law of the End User country. In all other cases, registration information may only be used within our Company to perform marketing analysis and solve technical issues subject to full compliance with the Privacy Policy.

We take all appropriate precautions, including administrative, technical, and physical measures to protect your personal information from loss, theft, unauthorized access and/or usage, disclosure, changes, and/or destruction.

We initiate communication and interaction with our users only in case of discounts for our products or interactive troubleshooting of our software modules (in response to your messages).

In case of voluntary error reports, we only receive standard system information such as our Software's point of failure, libraries and frameworks that were enabled at the moment, your computer model, operating system version, processor register states as well as additional diagnostic messages of our Software, if any.

During automatic software updates, we retrieve information such as your currently used software version, and upload and install a new version, if necessary. This process is also fully user-controllable.

As we actively fight illegal software use, our software products may contain the so-called "call home" functionality. This means that our Software may use your Internet connection to access our servers in order to verify legality of your license. In such a case, no personal information is transferred except your license information, that is, your user name, e-mail address, and license activation code (we acquire this information at the time of your purchase), which is encrypted before its transfer, as well as our Software version, your current IP address, and sometimes, your computer specifications (in order to identify it).

In case of illegal use of our Software, we reserve the right to present to relevant law-enforcement authorities (in corresponding countries, states, cities, etc.) contact information of the violator as well as the computer specifications, user profile, IP addresses (for additional verification at the local ISP level), and query logs.

You are entitled to use your license on any computers as long as you use it in your user profile.

You shall not transfer your software license to third parties, as that would render your license illegal. We reserve the right to block user licenses (or suspend them) in case of leak and usage on a large number of computers as well as in case of any other violations of copyrights according to the applicable law.