Binocular is a customizable tool for automated monitoring and logging.
It makes you able of tracking certain events that happen on your Mac and notifies you about them.

See Binocular Guide for more information.
Binocular uses light semitransparent widgets to accomplish its tasks. They are placed on the desktop where they are always noticeable and easily accessible.
Binocular is extensible. If it does not have means to solve your problem now, you can create your own solution, which doesn't require great programming skills. Then you can share it with others, so that they won't have to make effort. We will provide you with documentation for plugins API and advise on the development process. Download the plugin skeleton project.
Customer feedback is appreciated: your ideas for new plugins may be implemented in future versions!
With the default plugin your have 3 widgets which can ping hosts periodically, monitor changes to specified file system elements and run validation scripts which will check anything you make them to.
Existing widgets not only notify you about happening events, but let you configure an automated response to them. Currently shell scripts and Automator workflows are supported.