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Learn foreign language by subtitles!

Learn foreign language by subtitles! Watch movie or series and while you are impressed try to translate dialogues from your native language. Very effective!

Subtitles from movies or series on different languages are good for learning foreign language. There are many useful everyday phrases and dialogues. If you have a pair of subtitles one for your native language and the other one for a language you learn you can have a great translation practice.

This app allows you to improve your foreign language skills by translating subtitles from your native language into a language you learn. It's easy to find a lot of subtitles in the internet on different languages. The app supports .srt subtitles (see links in the the app).

So when you see a phrase on your native language start to translate and type only letters. The app will fill fields, compare and show you if you made a mistake. You can ask for a hint for the next letter, word or the whole phrase.

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