Site Home (Safari Extension)

In an ideal browser interface the button with a home should take the user to the main page of a site he is browsing. This button should be disabled if the user has come to the main page.
§ 75 of Mandership

Click the Site Home toolbar button and you will be redirected to the site's main (aka home) page. Site Home extension considers the site's domain name as its main page. If a user navigates to the site's root directory, the toolbar button is disabled. However, some sites redirect from that page to another one, which is the real main page of the site. In this case the toolbar button is not disabled. If we find a good solution for this problem we will publish an update for our extension.

Optionally you can remove the toolbar button and use a shortcut Ctrl + Alt + H. If the shortcut in any way interferes with your browsing experience it can be disabled in the extension's settings. Also note, that due to a bug in Safari, keyboard shortcuts do not work in pages restored from cache.

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