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ActiveLog project consists of two targets:

  1. DIALog - an active logging framework
  2. ActiveLog app to filter logs

DIALog framework contains important headers and code files, both for apply at application level, and Distributed Notifications observer, to control from ActiveLog GUI.

Goal: shut up all logs with active filter.
Since, it's often happen full hell of crap and garbage in long time existing projects.
Now you can control logs with GUI or via LogModules environment variable.

By definition, every file .m interprets as module with the same name as file original name without extension.
You can control output by module names, or by defined zone names (unlimited count).
'*' means all modules.

Add compiler flag '-DDEBUG' in Debug configuration to activate debug logging, such as:
NSLogDebug, NSLogDebugMethod, NSLogZoneDebug, NSPF() etc.
You can force DIALog features inclusion to release production with '-DFORCE_LOGS'.

You can totally disable observer with code:
#if ! defined DEBUG && ! defined FORCE_LOGS
 [DINSLogObserver setEnabled:NO];
DIALog/ActiveLog also supported ColorLog facilities.
See more in header examples.
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later Download: version 1.0.0, Jun 24, 2011 from GitHub

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